Friday, February 17, 2012

Disease, Poultry, and Pig Pens in Macatbong, Cabanatuan City

Macatbong is a tiny barangay in Cabanatuan City, Philippines. It has been fighting for the health of its nature-loving villagers since the Cabanatuan City government attempted to establish a dumpsite in this pristine environment several years ago. The people of Macatbong succeeded in stopping this dastardly attempt to violate people's rights. However, until very recently, the Cabanatuan City government's quarrying operations have further damaged the beneficial river that runs though this barangay. This river has long been a source of food, irrigation, and drinking water for the people of Macatbong. Quarrying has destroyed all that. Compounding these problems is the stench and air pollution emanating from pig and chicken manure in the commercial pig pens and poultry houses that have mushroomed in this barangay. Day in and day out, the people of Macatbong continue to inhale this dirty and disease-causing air caused by pig and chicken waste. In addition, swarms of houseflies and gnats and have invaded this once salubrious environment, endangering the health and well-being of the residents as well as the productivity of their vegetable, fruit, and palay farms.
What is the Department of Health doing to stop this travesty?
What is the DENR doing to help the people of Macatbong preserve the Cabu River?
Is profit above the interests of the people?
Does the City Government of Cabanatuan have the right to violate the rights to good health and well-being of a small barangay?
We call on our responsible and God-fearing local and national officials, including President Noynoy Aquino to help correct this injustice.
We, the people of Macatbong, continue to suffer while waiting for your response.

The People of Macatbong

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