Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Cultivating The Mind (1989-1994)

Filipino nursing students at the Makati Medical Center-RTRMS explore the innermost regions of the human body... Heady days teaching Zoology, Anatomy & Physiology, and Microbiology. We pored over anatomical texts, dissected live and anesthetized frogs and cats, mastered the intricacies of microscopy, and even the dynamics of the cardiac cycle ! It was a succession of intelligent students whom I had the opportunity to teach. During our rest periods we dabbled in philosophy and ethics. At least two notable students were regularly borrowing my books including one by Dostoevsky. But it was not all seriousness - we often burst in fits of laughter at the most inane and ancient of jokes. It was not a burden to any of us. It was an unforgettable experience...

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Silent Beauty, Macatbong

Silent Beauty, Macatbong
The pond is teeming with freshwater fish. The trees in the background are home to brightly colored avians and occasional migratory birds. Ramos Pond is Eden revisited !