Monday, August 20, 2007

And Then There Were Five

Days of Nadine's playing the Voltes V tune, under the dedicated tutelage of Jenny, the piano teacher. Max was still an infant and had locks of really curly hair, a maternal gene gone transiently expressive...Yurii had not yet experienced that unfortunate episode with the microscope where, in the general excitement over the quaint- looking apparatus, he took a misstep and fell from the table where all five where fighting tooth and nail for the best position to touch the microscope, their first actual encounter a real post-Leeuwenhoek model. Joshua the toddler was asserting himself, fighting for his own niche. Xavier, on the other hand, already had a serious air about him, despite well-spaced mischief... Is there a song written for these unforgettable growing-up days where children grow as fast as mongo seeds?

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Silent Beauty, Macatbong

Silent Beauty, Macatbong
The pond is teeming with freshwater fish. The trees in the background are home to brightly colored avians and occasional migratory birds. Ramos Pond is Eden revisited !