Thursday, May 24, 2007

kamagong seeds ? mea culpa...

Today is a serendipity-filled day !
After searching for a long time I finally located the famous and highly-prized "iron tree", commonly known as kamagong (Diospyros philippinensis), now very rare because of greedy loggers. The proud owner of the kamagong tree, Mr. Ancheta of Poblacion Centro, Aliaga, Nueva Ecija, gave me 27 mature seeds for planting. I hope at least some of these seeds will grow into the mature tree that is known for causing chainsaws to snap and nails to bend...Updated June 13- It's not kamagong after all but dungon-late (Heritiera littoralis). The wood is just as hard though. Thanks to Mr. Ramon Bandung, herbalist of the UP Institute of Biology. Kamagong is mabolo, Diospyros philippinensis. I still consider myself lucky...

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Silent Beauty, Macatbong

Silent Beauty, Macatbong
The pond is teeming with freshwater fish. The trees in the background are home to brightly colored avians and occasional migratory birds. Ramos Pond is Eden revisited !